Deacon Bill’s Reflection on the First Sunday in Advent Year B

Deacon Bill’s Gospel Reflection on the Gospel theme this Sunday

Jesus tells us to ‘Stay Awake!’ As Christians, we should be ready not only for Jesus’ second coming but for his daily coming, every day in our lives. We do that by living the way Jesus wants us to, in our own place and in our own time. The remembrance of Jesus, who came amongst us, becomes life for us not only in the Eucharist but when we share with others the love, truth and values that Jesus shared with us. When we celebrate the coming of Jesus in our daily lives, we bring Jesus to others through our witness. And in the meantime whilst we give that witness we stay awake and we pray that the Lord will grant us peace as we prepare for, and wait in joyful hope for, the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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