Offertory Procession


An important part of our Liturgy at Mass involves the faithful in bringing forward the Offertory Gifts in procession.  Thanks to a number of volunteers , we have established a rota of people to participate at Sunday Masses (see below).  It is, however, the responsibility of ALL those who gather for Mass to ensure that there is full participation in its celebration, including an Offertory Procession.  If you see that we are in need of someone  to assist with the Offering of the Gifts at any Sunday Mass, please offer your help.

  1. After the Bidding Prayers, leave your seat and walk to the rear of the Church.  You will find the Offertory Gifts on a table at the RIGHT side.
  2. There will normally be a ciborium (containing the altar breads) and a small tray holding 2 cruets for water and wine, with a small finger towel.  Please share these among the 2/3/4 people participating.  If you find yourself alone, please approach another parishioner or a pass keeper for help.
  3. Wait until the altar servers or the pass keepers signal to go forward and then walk down the centre aisle, behind the servers.
  4. When you meet the priest at the altar steps, he will reach out and take the gifts from each person in turn.  Wait until all the gifts have been handed over, then BOW before walking back to your seat.
Offertory Procession Rota May to June 2019

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