The Parish provides daily Masses from Monday to Friday and well as morning Mass and Evening Vigil Mass on Saturday and four Masses every Sunday. One important part of our service to the Lord is to contribute to the celebration of Mass through serving as a Passkeeper.

We are fortunate to have a small group of volunteers who assist the clergy and our parish as a whole by welcoming, directing and assisting parishioners and visitors at each Mass, thus ensuring that services run smoothly. They also provide practical support by ensuring that Offertory collections are undertaken with little disruption to the service and that proceeds are securely retained.

Passkeepers ensure that any necessary materials e.g.,weekly bulletins, hymns books and leaflets are distributed to, and collected from, congregations. They are also mindful of the security of our Church and the wellbeing of parishioners and guests during and after services.

Our Passkeepers are few in number and it would be helpful to have a greater number available to help either daily, weekly or on special occasions and additional services throughout the year. Anyone of any age can be a Passkeeper. If you are interested, or would like some further information, speak to one of the Priests or please contact us.

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