Gift Aid Mandate

Have you considered using Gift Aid to make donations to the Parish?  If you are a UK Taxpayer, the Gift Aid scheme enables you to ensure that the tax you have already paid on the money you are donating to the Church can be reclaimed by the Parish from the Government.  This involves no additional cost to you.

You can make your weekly offering using Gift Aid envelopes, or if you prefer, you can arrange to pay directly through your bank.  The only commitment required is to sign a Gift Aid form.  Please give this your consideration and help the Parish.  Please download the Gift Aid Declaration Form, using the link below, sign and give it to one of the clergy or hand it into the Chapel House at your convenience.  If you wish to pay directly through the bank, you should complete both parts of the form, detach the Standing Order Mandate and send it to your bank.

Gift Aid Declaration with GDPR addition 2019

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