Deacon Bill’s Reflection on 12th Ordinary Sunday in Year A

Deacon Bill’s Gospel Reflection on the Gospel theme this Sunday

Jesus tells his disciples “Do not be afraid”. Fear can deter us from doing things which we know in our hearts we are called to do. But being afraid need not translate into giving into fear and being paralysed by it.  Faith can triumph over fear if we are prepared to listen to the Holy Spirit. Reflection and prayer can help us to source the cause of our fear. What are we actually afraid of? Knowing the source of our fear helps us to perceive if it is real, and whether we can manage it. Stepping out in faith is an act of trust in God. It opens up our full potential and takes us to new places, emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically.  In the words of Pope John Paul II “Do not be afraid […] Put out into the deep…”

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