Parish Council


St Columbkille’s Parish Council was set up to enable:

  • a close understanding and collaboration between clergy and lay people in the work and mission of the Parish;
  • outreach to those most in need in our community;
  • linking the Parish with other parishes in the Diocese and whole Church;
  • working with other Churches in ecumenical projects and unity work;
  • growing youth work within the Parish;
  • all parishioners realising their share in the work and life of the Church.

The Parish Priest is the President of the Parish Council, and the Office Bearers are:

  • Chair;
  • Vice Chair;
  • Secretary;
  • Vice Secretary; and
  • Treasurer

Clergy are ex officio members of the Council which consists of 20 to 40 members.  Membership is open to all parishioners and includes representatives from all other parish groups.  The Parish Council meets every two months and an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held between 30th April and 1st June, at which office Bearers for the following year are elected.

Minutes of  and the AGM are published below:

Parish Council Minutes

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