Increased Numbers at Mass


We are delighted that we will be able to admit up to 120 people at each Mass. This will begin on Tuesday 27th April (due to 2 Requiem Masses on Monday 26th April). We continue to require you to wear a face mask (unless exempt), to observe social distancing and to sanitise your hands on entry and exit. We will ventilate the church daily and sanitise the pews regularly. Please follow the advice of the stewards and fill the pews on both sides and from the front. After receiving the Eucharist, please do not linger in front of the sanctuary but leave immediately by a side aisle. After Mass, please maintain social distancing in the churchyard. Thank you. 

BOOKING FOR MASS: Eventbrite bookings for Sunday Masses will continue for now, although with increased numbers of places available, so we would encourage you to book every week. Stewards will check you in at the door as at present.

For weekday Mass, we will provide a QR code for scanning on your smartphone to check in, or you must provide contact details on slips of paper that will be collected after each Mass.  

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