Collection boxes for Retired Priests and Students


When priests retire from parish ministry, their care is provided for by Diocesan funds, supplemented by their State Pension. To provide for this, the Diocese of Motherwell invests a significant amount of money which provides some of the necessary funds.

Each Diocese needs to educate and prepare its future priests and permanent deacons. While a special collection is taken up each year in parishes for our Ecclesiastical Students, this does not cover all of the costs which have to be made up from Diocesan funds.

The Diocese is asking for your support to meet the costs of Retired Priests and Students.  At the back of the church you will find collection boxes for  this purpose.  If you can help, please take one home and use it over a period of time, then return it to the church at the beginning of October . Reminders will appear in the Bulletin and the parish website.  Thank you in anticipation of  your generosity.

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