God’s word, listened to and celebrated, above all in the Eucharist, nourishes and inwardly strengthens Christians, enabling them to offer an authentic witness to the Gospel in daily life.
- Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel, November 2013, #174

An important part of our service to the Lord is to contribute to the celebration of Mass through the Ministry of the Word.  We are fortunate to have a group of volunteers who assist the clergy by delivering the Readings and Bidding Prayers at daily and Sunday Mass, and by contributing to other services throughout the Liturgical Year as required.

Being a Reader allows you to serve the Lord and the Parish community and may also help to you gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the Bible.  If you would like to join our team of Readers at Mass, or for more information regarding Readers, please contact us.

Advice and guidelines for Parish Readers

Guidelines for Readers

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