Ordination Mass Thursday 27th June 2019 7pm
The Mass will begin at 7pm. You must take your seats in the Church by 6.45 pm at the latest. If you are driving, please plan your parking needs ahead of me as THERE WILL BE NO PARKING IN THE HALL CARPARK. All pews in the Church will be reserved for those who have received invitations, including family & friends, clergy and representatives of other faiths. TO GAIN ADMISSION PLEASE BRING YOUR INVITATION WITH YOU – and please follow the guidance of the Stewards who will direct you to the correct seating area.

Hall Celebrations
Light refreshments will be served in the Hall after Mass. When the Ordination Mass has ended, please proceed to the Hall and move inside as quickly as possible to avoid congestion. Again, please follow the guidance of Stewards. Due to the large numbers expected, and cognisant of Health & Safety issues, there will be standing room only in the Hall.

Mass of Thanksgiving Friday 28th June 2019 7pm
Fr Charles’ first Mass will begin at 7.00 pm. NO INVITATION IS REQUIRED. You should aim to be seated in the Church by 6.45 pm at the latest. While we expect the number attending this Mass to be smaller than the evening before, some seats will be reserved for clergy and for Charles’ family. It is important therefore that you follow the guidance of the Stewards when you are taking your seats. After Mass, there will be refreshments in the Hall for all who wish to attend. Again, please follow the guidance of the Stewards in the Hall.

We pray for a happy and Holy experience for all during these wonderful celebrations, and for Rev Charles as he takes his first steps in the service of Our Lord within the Holy Priesthood.

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