Sunday of The Word of God


In his Apostolic Letter ‘Aperuit illis’ Pope Francis established that the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time is to be the ‘Sunday of the Word of God’ – a day devoted to the celebration, study, and spreading of the Word of God. Pope Francis tells us that the Bible is a love letter from God to humanity and that those who follow Jesus should read it daily. Just as our physical bodies need good food to eat, so too, our spirit needs spiritual food; the Word of God. There are many resources available to help us with this. Each week we put Scripture Commentaries for Sunday’s readings on our website and Facebook page. For the liturgies during the week Universalis is a great website. And there is also the fantastic Fr Mike Schmitz’s podcast, ‘The Bible in a Year’. Each 20-25min episode includes: 2-3 scripture readings, a reflection from Fr. Mike Schmitz and guided prayer. There is more information about this at It is currently the No 1 podcast in the USA just now! 

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