Parish Prayer Intercessions w/b 19th June 2022


SACRAMENT OF THE SICK: If you, or someone you know, is in URGENT need of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or Anointing of the Sick, please telephone the parish house to discuss arrangements.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE SICK AT THIS TIME: Robert Morrison, Margaret McGuiness, Patrick Gallagher, Tony Quigley, Morag Beattie, Josephine Bonner, Anne Harvinson, Michael Hoy, Maria Cowan, Kathleen Cowdren, Margaret McGuiness, Helen Cameron, Susan McNally, Eric Russell, Hugh McTominey, Lally Sweeney, Maria Cowan, Ada Cameron, Mrs Fleming.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE RECENTLY DECEASED: Catherine Harris, Hannah Clark, Dr Francis Balmer, Mary McLaughlin, Michael Callahan, Jim McKeown, Myles McFadden, Alan Scott, Rena Brown, Scott Wilson, Mrs Docherty

PLEASE PRAY FOR THOSE WHOSE ANNIVERSARIES OCCUR AT THIS TIME: Baby Matthew John McKenna, Michael Boyce, Arthur Keegan, Frank Boyle, June Jones, Liz Sweeney, Len Cameron, Catherine McHugh, Annie O’Hanlon, Helen O’Hanlon, Betty Heaney, Margaret McPherson, Catherine Gray

Baptisms:- We welcome Rosie Catherine Flynn and Ronan Joseph Gunn to our community. 

Birthday Blessings: Mary Bernadette McDaid

Sanctuary Flowers in recognition of:- Christopher Reid, Bert and Patricia Chalmers, Fay Paterson, Denis Campbell, Madge Campbell

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