Mass arrangements for w/b 6th September 2020


SUNDAY MASS: The obligation to attend Mass on a Sunday is still suspended. With numbers restricted by Government regulation, we can only admit 250 people across all Sunday Masses. To give everyone a chance to attend Sunday Mass every few weeks, parishioners are asked to be considerate and ONLY BOOK for Sunday Mass every few weeks. In this way, more parishioners will be able to attend Sunday Mass.

If you wish to book for Sunday Mass, go to:

MID-WEEK MASS: Mon. to Fri. at 10am & 1pm; Saturday at 10am. Please remember that, while NO BOOKINGS are required for mid-week Masses, the maximum number permitted at each Mass is still 50.

FUNERAL MASSES THIS WEEK: No general admission to Funerals; 20 max. family mourners only.

• Tuesday 8th Sept. 10am Ann Creeley R.I.P.

• Thursday 10th Sept. 1pm Maria Rozanska R.I.P

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