Bishop Toal has made the following announcement:  “From the beginning of June 2020 there will be an internal change in St Columbkille’s Parish, with Fr Bernard Mournian becoming Parish Priest and Fr Pat Hennessy Assistant Priest. I have spoken about this with both priests and they have agreed that this will be a good way to proceed in the present circumstances. I thank Fr Pat therefore for his years of service as Parish Priest.”

“Earlier this year I had asked Fr Bernard to consider the possibility of doing doctoral studies in Rome.  However, I now think it prudent for him not to start the course in September 2020 due to our present situation. I have asked him, therefore, to remain in St Columbkille’s as Parish Priest, well supported by the other clergy and parishioners, and to continue as chaplain of Fernhill School.””

Michael McGrath, Chair of the Parish Mission & Action Group, congratulating Fr Bernard on his appointment as Parish Priest, said: “We look forward to Fr Bernard building on the great work of Fr Pat who has enabled our parish community to thrive.  We know how much the parish appreciates the dedication of our parish clergy.  As we look forward to the church re-opening, we ask everyone to lend their support to our new Parish Priest.” 


  1. by Catherine Hughes on May 27, 2020  12:32 pm Reply

    Congratulations Fr Bernard. I’m sure St Columbkille’s will thrive in your tender care!
    Fr Pat. I’m sure you will be greatly relieved to let Fr B take the burden on his capable shoulders
    I wish I could do something to help the parish but at the moment my health just won’t allow it. Maybe in the future. Meantime I’ll just try praying!
    Best wishes to you all

  2. by Patricia Kennedy on May 27, 2020  12:44 pm Reply

    Congratulations, Fr Bernard. Fr Pat you can now take a step back and get a bit of a rest which you definitely deserve. I am sure, Fr Bernard, with everyone’s support our parish will continue to flourish. I thank all of our parish clergy and all that you are doing during the lockdown.

  3. by Rosaleem and Hemry Anderson on May 27, 2020  8:08 pm Reply

    To Father Bernard ,
    Congratulations on your appointment and best wishes for the future.
    We will keep you in our prayers

  4. by Gerry Gordon on May 28, 2020  12:54 pm Reply

    Both my wife Maria and me would wish Father Bernard congratulations in his new appointment. Hopefully he will enhance the very excellent leadership in Christ father Pat has show and guided all his paritioner in. Father Pat married us in 1970 and hopefully we will get his blessing in December.
    We have been so fortunate to have such excellent clergy over the years and it looks as if this will continue in the future.

    God Bless
    Gerry & Maria Gordon

  5. by Isobel Noonan on June 2, 2020  8:29 pm Reply

    Good Evening Father Bernard & Fr Pat

    I would like to add my good wishes and congratulations to Fr Bernard following his appointment to Parish Priest. I wish you every success. I know you will put your heart and soul in to leading our wonderful congregation. I will pray for you.

    To Fr Pat - after many years leading from the front, carrying the weight of this huge parish on your shoulders and serving our parish community, you are being allowed to ease yourself in to a less stressful and, hopefully, a more relaxed lifestyle. Thank you for all you have given your parishioners. I will pray for you.

    Isobel Noonan

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