Canonisation of John Henry Newman


“I have a part in this great work; I am a link in a chain”.

All over the world, people are preparing to celebrate the canonisation of Blessed John Henry Newman on Sunday 13th October. This is a time of special grace for us to join together and form links in a great chain of prayer, where we call upon the soon-to-be-Saint to crown our prayers with his intercession in heaven.

Below you will find a full nine-day prayer booklet, an introductory pamphlet and a poster .   If you form a Novena prayer group, please go to this website, and on the Novena with Newman page, let us know the numbers of people who are joining us to form a prayer chain. 

You are encouraged to form links in that chain by joining in a Novena with Newman – nine days of prayerful preparation for the canonisation, starting on Friday 4th October and finishing on Saturday 12th October on the eve of the canonisation. 

May all of our prayers, united together, bring God’s many blessings to those who most need them. 


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